Our flooring consultant services specify, design or troubleshoot most floor covering products. Our goal is to research, document and present the pertinent information as it relates to our clients individual needs. A proactive approach will ultimately save the involved parties from the hardship of product dissatisfaction. Whether in design implementation, product specifications or troubleshooting, we provide expert advice for the entire project from start to finish. In our consulting approach, we research and consult on the following:

Product Design & Suitability

Is your floor selection appropriate for the intended use? The correct product selection can save you from costly replacement. The right product for the right use.

Manufacturer Specifications

Do you require a review of a specified product? We can evaluate the manufacturers specification and make sure they are appropriate for the intended use. Do you need assistance writing a specification?

Site Specific Industry Installation Guidelines

Does your project call for periodic site inspections to verify that the Manufactures Installation Guidelines are being followed? Has the subsurface been tested for moisture? Is the job site ready for finish flooring? Need help?

Educational Programs

Our educational programs are designed to showcase information that is useful regarding suitability, product design, manufacturer specifications and installation. We can develop an education program for your organization; presented at your facility. Whether training new employees or updating valued employees, each program can be designed around your specific educational needs.

Our 40 years of floor covering and business experience will blend to create engaging conversation and training that is relevant to the issue presented.

A sampling of our educational topics:

  • Hardwood Flooring Installation Guidelines & Acclimation Procedures
  • Water & Wood: Why moisture control is so important to your project!
  • Selling Wood Floors: Know your flooring- Is it right for the project?
  • Carpet: Fibers and Warranties – Construction and Backings
  • The industry guidelines for carpet installation CRI104 & CRI105
  • When carpet and wood flooring installations go bad…

We can customize our educational programs to fit your requirements.